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27 May

Leadership development

Start where you are at. To keep the momentum going.  build with the ones who volunteer.  Ttrust the very few that stood up. Leadership development is possible whatever the organization. Whenever leaders are ready to...

To lead, walk ahead.

To lead walk ahead !The pre-meeting walk is one among the 11 ways to build on leaders practices. Lenoir Associés experienced the following approaches in private and public sectors, NGOs, worldwide: check in and check out tools, open space technology – nothing related to aerospace- business world café, cultural totem, appreciative feed back and appreciative inquiry, meaningful talking piece – they help to focus and bring peace – visible harvest and circles. For those who need to run off the beaten path.

3 steps to grow global

Grow global and implement your international development strategy following three steps you can manage successfully at the same time, the same place with the right people. Book June 3. from 2 to 6 pm in PARIS. The French Embassy in Canada, Ubifrance and major French partners are planning an exceptional event, about AEGC/CETA: how to build business in Canada and France. France and Canada share more than history and language. They both are the threshold of a much bigger market than the domestic ones. They...

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08 May

Lead high performing M&A

Lead high performing M&A, one step at a time. Moblize the best of your soft skills to perform better together. Most of the leaders wants to play a major role and contribute to their best...

Keys to European hierarchy

On the old continent, leaders need formal acknowledgement of their position in the hierarchy. Follow these simple efficient steps. Communicate formally, use accurate history, question openly. Balance numbers and emotions, challenge mistrust, show the opportunities. Keep me posted.

Business match making

Business match making requires three basic skills : entrepreneurship, communication, leadership. Entrepreneurship goes with vision, field experience and customer satisfaction. That is why public sector introduced these words in their creed. Communication balances a strong core message and presentation abilities, build your business on your passion and communicate with structure. Leadership will take you beyond your own footprint, appropriate and innovative initiatives will produce outcomes, virtual and actual followers will be happy to share and contribute with what they are. Dots connect and business thrive....

Public speaking in French

Public speaking in French, with confidence, is easy when you stop... your inner critic judging your performance, your inner cynic laughing at you, your inner looser asking you to give up. Public speaking in French is easy when you practice once a day, read outloud, express yourself daily. Have fun with your mistakes and learn from them. Encounters are daily audience. Talk in French, laugh in French. Enjoy your new 2014 friend, your inner French speaker.

3 ways to boost focus groups

Branding is willing to reach clients on the various territories they go to. Customers go more and more digital. Big data overwhelm surveys. Business World Café gives three efficient steps to listen to Customers deepest and valuable feed back. # 1, confront them with key people in the company. # 2, use time and process wisely. # 3, report and take visible action. Both, employees and customers, perceive you as a leading innovating organization. Both enjoy the simple and transparent relationship. Both are then, ready...

Resilience : 5 ways to protect yourself

#1 accept the unacceptable, the unbearable. #2 feel the physical, emotional, mental pain. #3 heal yourself, physically and emotionally. #4 Look around yourself and be moved by the life and the beauty that surround you. #5 Listen to yourself and to other's voices, calling you for action.

Mentorship : 3 steps to give successful presentations

Watch carefully and pick the expert you like most as a speaker to become your mentor. She will be happy to help you. # 1 Clarify your needs according to your objectives. # 2 write, edit, rehearse your speech, together. # 3 share feed back. This unformal relationship between a knowledgable person and a recipient has been taking place since the Ancient Greek philosophers. A dedicated duet will open fields for initiatives and self assertiveness. Wait no more and find a mentor for an awesome...

Business is ready for social innovation

Getting people together is one key. Then engaging them will make the experience unique. Among the tools, my favorite one combines two. Circle with a congruent artifact that will pass around. The circle gives the opportunity to speak and to be listened to,without being interrupted. That's pure luxury in our busy, loud, extroverted world. The artifact provides a special bondage between the holder and the object. This appropriately chosen artifact supports the thought and the wording.Then it connects every stakeholder as it circulates. Powerful way...

Three ways to materialize time

Each of us has her or his perception of time. Infinite and open for some, limited and measurable for others. Whichever catefory you belong to, when you need to enjoy your time better, find inspiring and strong metaphors about time. Image, artefact help to manage time when you are daily exposed to them. Connecting to them visually, aurally and with your three other senses. Here are 4 concrete ways used by people who fully live their lives : an open realistic day and week script,...

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