X U / U X

What happens when you engage customers, suppliers and staff members in the same conversation? To tell you the truth, it actually happened with Ford and Audi, Volkswagen dealerships in Canada and in France, not at Porsche’s yet. Sales increase, satisfaction... read more

C’est évident

La neige et la glace tombent d’en haut. Pourtant si on ne regarde que le ciel, le risque de glissade est aussi bien réel. Dans les affaires, lorsque le temps est rude, c’est pareil car le business continue, 24/24. Trois conseils évidents pour arriver à destination,... read more

Europe bias #3 complex

Prend un e en Français. Les relations Canada-Europe existent depuis des centaines d’années. Il est temps de comprendre ce qui est simple entre le Canada et l’Europe. Les gens: ce sont nos gènes communs des deux côtés de l’Atlantique. Les buts:  de nombreux... read more

EUROPE bias#2 old

Europe is not old! Do you know the EU (European Union) journey only started less than 60 years ago? Canada will turn 150 next year. 2017 is also the Canada-Europe trade deal 7 year process kick-off. There is more connections between Canada and Europe than you may... read more

Europe bias#1 : kaput

Facts always have many interpretations. Are you aware of that, over a hundred year span, the European Union overcame two world wars, broke a wall down and created its currency? To deal with major crisis like those requires courage, determination and engagement. Human... read more

Bias#3 Impossible

Walking on water is impossible, unless it’s frozen. When conditions are harsh, then you can accomplish impossible missions. Canada-EU trade deal looks challenging for most entrepreneurs. Do you know that CETA will allow 97% to 99% of the tariffs to be dismantled over... read more

Bias#2: bilingualism

Bilingual, that’s how Canada sounds to most European business people. Canada’s bilingualism has much more to offer than the English/French duality. How does it work? Rather unbalanced! The reality is English is hyper-dominant, yet spoken by many non-native English... read more

Canada: bias #1

Wild and white. That’s how most European picture Canada. Yes there are tourism growth and partnership opportunities across the Atlantic. And so much more. Do you know what major commonalities do Canada and Europe share? BIG: is Canada’s size and so is Europe’s... read more

Business transformation challenge#3

Is: transform yourself. Whose business is not impacted by online, local and global competition? As Anna, a seasoned manager in a government service, when she saw how fast paced organizational change impacted her teams across countries, she knew that was the right... read more