David and Goliath

Both are found among loyal staff members and dedicated leaders. They also personifies famous board member faces or shareholders. A staff member circle is designed to simultaneously gather these valuable people, at the same time, in the same location. True, this is... read more

The grateful eight

They are your valuable stakeholders, they care for your business. Add four more smiling faces to the stakeholder circle, on your 2016 cooperation map. Name them: shareholder, supplier, contractor, provider, bank manager, city councillor, employee and senior executive.... read more

Immigrants, welcome!

5 steps to take, to successfully include newcomers in Canada and Europe. Pick a meaningful spot and walk there together Pause for a minute or two Break out old and young faces in small groups Pause for a minute then go Ask everyone to answer simple yet important... read more

Tout pour plaire

Accroître sa présence dans le monde est profitable pour quatre raisons. 1) l’argent. 2) augmenter sa compréhension des autres peuples et de leurs pratiques. 3) cultiver son ingénuité pour mieux utiliser les ressources disponibles. 4) engager ici et là-bas une... read more

Embrace diversity

Engage diversity, because it describes your workforce (for instance, there are over 75 nationalities in the Impact Hub global network I belong to) and because it defines your customer segments. Each time you meet with people is an opportunity to grow your... read more

Shopify, local and global hero

“Humans have always been hackers and tinckerers.” Tobias Lutke, Shopify’s bold CEO says, in Impact Hub 2nd  failure report. We at #HubOttawa are streaming a global Brown Bag Lunch next Tuesday, January 19, 12-1pm EST (GMT-5) called “Shine Local, Thrive... read more

Existing resources

Show what works, at reach. Noticing them is key. You already think and feel that you have cultural courage. Here are two steps that will take you way farther. Daily : step away from your screen and step in with your peers. Shine local, thrive global TM 2016... read more

Limited resources

encompass the existing opportunities: natural or brick and mortar, equipment or supplies. Beside a strong social media strategy, focus on providing the best physical customer experience. Time and size, money and customer engagement accurately illustrate Canada-Europe... read more

Les beaux gestes !

du métier rendent fiers. Fabriquer de succulents mets avec de bons produits locaux. Assembler des pièces de qualité en un produit utile. Dessiner un plan ingénieux pour un quartier ou pour un document important… Les beaux gestes du métier sont faciles à... read more